i’m in a state, nothing can touch us my love

Here’s some of the tunes I’ve listened to the past week or so.

All The Wine by The National

The National’s old stuff is so good, I’d say even better than their newer and more critically acclaimed ones. New fans should go seek out Boxer and Alligator and prepare to be blown away.

Home by LCD Soundsystem

Taken from The Long Goodbye, the live album of LCD Soundsystem’s farewell concert. This concert was fantastic, but if you really wanna get the whole experience, it’s best if you pick up the DVD entitled Shut Up and Play The Hits!

Sleep the Clock Around by Belle and Sebastian

Back in the day, when Audiogalaxy still reigned (haha), one of the bands that I seeked out and discovered because of that service was Belle and Sebastian. And today, as I listen to B&S’s The Boy With The Arab Strap album, I vividly remember memories like today was still the early aughts.

Hula by Eraserheads

I recently joined Spotify and one of the first things I did was create a playlist of Eraserheads tunes post-Cutterpillow.  Hula is one of my favorites from the Eraserheads’ excellent, underrated and sadly, final album Carbon Stereoxide.

My Little Red Book by Love

I’ve been listening to Love for several weeks now, particularly their self-titled debut from ’66, and Forever Changes from ’67 and I haven’t stopped listening since.

Scream by 2NE1

Save for Girls Generation’s Gee and PSY’s Gangnam Style, I don’t know shit about KPOP. So you could say that 2NE1’s latest album Crush is my first foray into the genre. I must say that the album was an interesting 35 minutes, and should be worth a second listen any day now.

Face Again by How To Dress Well

The only stuff that I’ve been listening to lately that can be considered new, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked How To Dress Well’s What Is This Heart? So much that I’m semi-regretting that I didn’t get into Tom Krell’s music earlier and missed the opportunity to catch him live at the Collective last year.