Champagne and Disco Ep. 1

For a long time now, I’ve carried the frustration of creating a podcast where I’d play some of my indie rock favorites and discoveries.  I went as far as researching how to compile tracks together, signing up for a podcast host and even trying out to see if the feed would work or not.

Unfortunately, given copyright circumstances and the limitations of the fair use policy, I cannot under any circumstance showcase copyrighted material, even if I’m doing this for mere promotion of songs and artists I love, nor am I profiting from doing this. I could have said ‘fuck it’ and went ahead with the podcast, but honestly, I’m just scared of the possible repercussions.

That being said, on to the next best thing… a Spotify playlist!

I’m calling this one Champagne and Disco Ep. 1 (which would’ve been my choice for podcast title). It’s got songs by FKA Twigs, Porter Robinson and Amy Millan (of Stars fame), and Avi Buffalo, as well as songs by artists I found while surfing on Soundcloud. (On a side note, I couldn’t unfortunately add songs by Juniore, Body Language, and Gems, among others to the playlist as they were not on Spotify PH. But do check them out if you can.)

Champagne and Disco, Episode 1 can be accessed here.

Globe Telecom and problems with overbilling

Let me preface this post by saying that our family composed of 5 individuals (dad, mom, and three siblings) have been loyal Globe Telecom customers for the past 16 years. You can make it 7 individuals if you include my wife and my sister-in-law, who have likewise been loyal Globe customers for more or less the same amount of time.

My issue with Globe began when they started charging my dad for data usage that I am certain he did not use. At first, we thought that it may be because of hidden data transmissions (i.e. Globe needs to send usage data back to the network) or that my dad just erroneously pressed the mobile data button on (my dad is not really tech savvy). During this time, we just decided to pay the amount charged him thinking that these data charges would just go away.

Unfortunately, the charges kept coming and this left us with no choice but to contest these charges. I called the Globe hotline last July 7, 2014 to have the mobile data charges for that bill reversed. Also, I found out during my conversation with the CSR that apparently, you can have mobile data permanently disabled from their end. As my dad wasn’t going to have any use for mobile data anyway, I decided to go ahead and have it permanently disabled on his account.

Yet, two bills later, I discovered that Globe still charged him 5,865 minutes for data, amounting to a whopping P1,743.86 (without VAT). I called up Globe to once again complain regarding this matter. What the agent on the other end of the line said really surprised me.

“Sir, upon checking our system, it shows that this account does indeed have mobile data deactivated.”

What in holy hell? I was actually anticipating that Globe neglected to disable mobile data for this account when I made my initial request last July. But them saying that it has already been deactivated takes the cake.

This means that even while my dad’s mobile data is deactivated from their end, Globe still continued to charge us huge sums for usage of data even if technically, we can’t use them. What this could also mean is that Globe could easily over charge any normal user of data because of errors in their system with no way for the end user to verify accuracy.

I didn’t have any problem with the CSR, she was quite the professional in handling my query and reversing the charges. What I do have a problem though is with Globe Telecom and how is it possible for them to charge us for things we are not even subscribed to!

Before, I couldn’t care less about people complaining about Globe’s service all over social media. Apparently, all it takes to is to be a victim yourself to get that all the complaining out there is valid.

I don’t know if this is related but we are currently subscribed to an auto-charge to credit card scheme for this particular account. Maybe Globe Telecom is trying to sneak one past us, hoping that we wouldn’t notice that we were charged that amount since the bill is linked to our credit card. But then again, I’m merely speculating.