this is what we live for

My brother alerted me to this show, Happy Endings, which he claims has a How I Met Your Mother vibe.  Makes for good for filler TV in between watching the NBA and NHL finals.

The show stars that chick who played Kim Bauer on 24, that doctor dude from that awesome-turned-ok-turned-cancelled show Flash Forward, Damon Wayans’ son, and three other actors who either had good auditions or just got lucky.

It’s ok, I guess, good but nothing spectacular. The show had minor bumps during the first few episodes, wherein it attempts to force feed you their story lines. And while it’s not laugh out loud material, it’s both steady and fun, and at my age, I can’t afford to be too picky for good filler television anymore.

Like I said earlier, I’ve been following the NBA and NHL finals and man, it’s really great to be a sports fan.

I love a good real life drama, and sports certainly provides one with a great dosage of it. The Mavs coming back from the dead in Game 2 was unfathomable, and that victory feels doubly great as I am both a Nowitzki fan and a LeBron Hater.

And the Stanley Cup finals are great as well, with my hometown Vancouver Canucks up against the fierce Boston Bruins. Raffi Torres scoring the go ahead goal with 19 seconds left to go in the third period of Game 1 sent the whole city of Vancouver crazy. Wish I could be there, but cheering from 6,000 miles away ain’t so bad too.

Went to an old reliable last night, Azuthai in Pasay Road. Ordered the usuals, Green Curry chicken, Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai. Nice ambience coupled with good food makes returning to a place so much easier.

Azuthai is located at G/F Milkyway Bldg., 900 A. Arnaiz Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati.


set yourself on fire

So I’ve been looking at my blog for the past couple of days now, and am somewhat embarassed that the post greeting every visitor to this site is a post about My Boys. Time for a mini-update, I guess.

I caught the John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy a couple of weeks ago, and liked it quite a bit. Everyone who knows me know that I am an ardent Beatles fan, and I even surprised myself that I hardly know anything about Lennon before the Fab 4 came to be. At least, this movie helped changed that.

Before that, I caught M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense. It’s a movie I haven’t caught in close to ten years and the film still manages to shine. That’s what classic movies are made of. It’s a pity that Shyamalan’s success with The Sixth Sense got to his head and thought of himself as a modern day Hitchcock, and his films got progressively worse after that. Also, a bit of trivia that I found out during this viewing, Mishca Barton plays the vomiting ghost inside Haley Joel Osment’s tent.

I also tried to watch Takashi Miike’s Audition, but can’t seem to continue past the 20 minute mark. Somehow, (spoiler alert) just the knowledge of the scene of pinning the needle through the protagonist’s eyes is gagging enough as it is.

Oh, I also caught the ESPN 30 for 30 feature of Reggie Miller entitled Winning Time. Damn, that was one fine piece of work. Reggie Miller simply is clutch, so it’s just too bad that we weren’t able to see him hoist one championship trophy up. Damn you, Ron Artest.

Finally, am excited for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and am hoping they still show it here on the big screen even if it flopped commercially in the States. On a related note, I think this mashup of Scott Pilgrim vs the Matrix is awesome x 1,000.

darts of pleasure

While the TV season in the States begins in the fall, there are some programs that I look forward to in the summer as well. One such program is My Boys.

The program is actually described as Sex and the City for guys, but that doesn’t really help my cause, does it? I guess you can just list this show as one of my guilty pleasures.

So far, three episodes of the nine have aired for the season, and while it’s not exactly much, it’ll have to do. Back in season one, I remember saying that I liked that ‘that the characters are appealing and the metaphors are funny.’ I still do. But my problem now was that the transition from season 3’s cliffhanger to season 4’s premiere was practically set aside and was not at all seamless. No explanations given, no careful re-narration of what transpired in between the long break.

But as a fan with admittedly low expectations, I’d have to say I’ve been satisfied. I like where they are taking the story and the little bits injected to move the plot along. At least, this is enough to keep me occupied until the real TV season begins.

hit me, baby, one more time

Props goes out to shobe for giving me Kick-Ass the other day. Sometimes, I think that the best movies to watch are those you go into with absolutely zero expectations, and Kick-Ass was exactly one of those times.

In a way, I think the whole film / comic book started out as having an identity crisis, unsure of how to develop it’s plot and characters. But as soon as it found it’s groove midway and decided to own up to the parody, it panned out quite well. I also thought it was cool how the characters can revel in their own campiness.

The film didn’t put itself up to be taken seriously, and as long as you are looking for a film to go well with your Doritos and Coke, you’ll be up for a really good time.

It really is a tough year to release a CD with all the awesome bands releasing great new music. Broken Social Scene is one of my absolute favorite groups of all time, yet I find myself giving the cold shoulder to their newest record, Forgiveness Rock Record.

Individually, I think their songs are epic, but somehow, I just don’t find myself clicking on their album on the iPod.

But perhaps, their latest appearance on Fallon can help me out.

Well, that managed to hit the spot, didn’t it?

in between waking and sleeping

With the end of the TV season completely upon us, I took it upon myself to look for shows that I may have overlooked in the past. With it, I can fill those void moments where, rather than going out, I can just lazy around and be a couch potato.

Such is having the luxury of time.

Err.. somehow, that didn’t sound too flattering. But whatever. The stone has been cast and I’ve settled on Fringe.

So far, I’ve seen three episodes with the gf this past week, and you know what, Fringe isn’t exactly trailblazing per se. It is essentially CSI: Boston with a different title, but sprinkled with a little mindfuck. But I guess the mindfuck more than makes up for it. It’s crafty in it’s own way, and with story arcs that are way out there, the show sucks you in and only spits you out once the credits start rolling. Suspension of disbelief upheld.

Yeah, you can say that I’m hooked.

Right this moment, the TV is tuned into the replay of the Lakers – Celtics game from earlier today. It is on mute, however, as I’m listening to the fantastic album by Wild Nothing entitled Gemini.

Every music blog and their mother has been reaping praises for this album, and I can see why. It has the correct shoegaze formula without being too aloof. It’s kind of like the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Or Cut Copy minus the dance-y bit. This is definitely going on my heavy rotation the next couple of days.

Take note though… hindi siya bagay to watch the NBA with.